John Dingfelder Remarks Oct. 5, 2006 Bayside West Neighborhood Association Meeting:

John thanked everyone for coming and told a little of the history of his involvement in city government. At present, exciting things are happening: downtown and the entire city are changing for the better. Channelside development is progressing. However, development in South Tampa has a drawback at this time: "traffic."

When asked about a rule that says 15% of development should be in affordable housing, John said that is a new concept here, but it is attainable. Developers need direction from the City (Council and staff) to attain balance there. There are incentives and bonuses with building affordable housing.

Developers will be coming to us for variances; many have been implemented in Channelside projects. In exchange for more height and density, neighborhoods can receive public amenities, parks and open spaces.

When asked about development and transportation issues stemming from Rattlesnake Point plans, John remarked that waterfront there is too valuable for industrial use. However, there must be major road improvement via Tyson Ave. at the developersí expense. Tyson Ave. upgrade will be at grade level, not elevated.

Gandy Blvd. will not be improved until FDOT can scale down their ideas because of almost 50% increase in construction costs.

Johnís idea is not to widen with more lanes, but to 3-lane S. Westshore Blvd. to Bay-to-Bay Blvd., the third lane being a turn lane only, to alleviate existing dangers. North of that there is a prohibition.

Commenting on the Tyndale-Oliver traffic study, John remarked that traffic impact fees should go up. The Mayor is working on this. In addition, a Transportation Concurrency Exception Area (TCEA) was created in south Tampa and worked well to encourage development but is not practical now.

From where will water for all the developments come? Our city water comes from the Hillsborough River. The County has built a reservoir and we are about to reach a point where we will have to buy from Tampa Bay Water (the County reservoir). The County is considering building a second safe, concrete reservoir.

In closing, John invited those who have concerns to call him or his secretary.