Development benefits only the upper class

Re: Biggest and Best Awards, Dec. 30.

S.O.G. might be the biggest Cinderella story to some, but not to all. I live off Manhattan just north of Gandy within a mile of all the current and upcoming construction.

I am not a member of the upper class, which seems to be the majority of the people raving about the new increases in density and real estate value.

The people I associate with who also live in this area are not talking about how beautiful the West Shore Yacht Club will be, or how wonderful New Port Tampa Bay will be. They are all talking about how bad the traffic will be and how much longer they will be able to live down here once the thousands of cars hit the street.

Although nobody complains about the value of their home being stupidly high, they complain about the change in their lives due to the massive density increase being thrust upon them.

They know if they sell their homes they will not be able to pay a reasonable amount for anything else in South Tampa because everything else has also gone up proportionately.

What do you do?

What you consider jewels south of Gandy are nothing more than a disease to others.

After living in the area for decades and establishing a nice, relaxed lifestyle, how do you expect these modest people to feel with all this new construction meant for the affluent, who will disrupt their lives?

Sure, they'll either accept it or move away, but that doesn't change the fact that an area that was considered to be just fine with the current residents is being radically altered by wealthy developers who are not interested in the community, only their bank accounts.

And Gandy Boulevard, which is terribly overtaxed already, will now be more clogged.

Widening West Shore between Gandy and El Prado will do little to mitigate the upcoming problem created by the onslaught of vehicles, especially after Georgetown and the Cove are demolished and redeveloped for, you guessed it, the upper class.

I have several friends who will be evicted from Georgetown, and I am speaking for them when I say they are not very happy with why this is happening.

South Tampa, the new haven for the upper class.

Regarding your Biggest Neighborhood Snub Honorable Mention, next year you can write how the residents on DeSoto got disrespected and how Citivest got to build their edifice after all. You should know by now, big money always has the law on its side and will always steamroll the public.

I know you're just reporting the stories, but I wanted you to know how many people feel about what is happening in their back yards.

-- Bill Wilson, Fair Oaks/Manhattan Manor [Last modified January 12, 2006, 08:38:10]

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