Tampa mayor urges City Council to maintain sprinkling ban

May 19, 2009

TAMPA -- Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio praised the City Council today for “courage” in imposing a ban against lawn sprinkling, then urged the board not to back down despite recent rains.

The City Council imposed the ban beginning April 3, but some members, led by council member John Dingfelder, began to talk of rescinding it to allow watering twice a month. The board will consider doing so at Thursday’s council meeting.

“While not popular in the eyes of many of our residents, the restriction on irrigation saved 420 million gallons of water and prevented our reservoir from dipping to levels that could have resulted in health and safety issues for our residents,” the mayor wrote in a memo to the City Council today.

Iorio also said that because of unusually wet weather in recent days, there is no need to water lawns for at least 10 days, and that the ban could be modified if conditions continue to improve.

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