The Tampa Tribune

August 22, 2010
November voters will be asked to approve the transportation referendum. As Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio said, "Voters will be asked to approve the concept of a modern transit system to be built over the course of 30 years and beyond."

As an Atlanta native, knowing how successful that city's commuter rail is, it is sad that we are one of the last major metropolitan cities investing in this concept and plan. It is impossible to get across the city of Atlanta in 45 minutes or less without the miracle of their commuter system.

Exact routes will be known and developed by our input as a community and by transportation experts. Voters who look at other areas and their success from implementing this transportation option will see that investing in our future transportation is necessary not only for economic growth, but also for employment efficiency.

Ted Jackovic's article on the transportation referendum ("Rail vote to be light on details," front page, Aug. 17) overlooked a critical point about the proposal: This plan will include improvements in roads, intersections and pedestrian needs, not to mention improved options for persons with disabilities.

People with disabilities are faced with hardships every day. They are limited where they can live and work based on their transportation needs. Furthermore; the jobs available for them are difficult enough to obtain without a wide selection of transportation options. Increased transportation options are imperative for these individuals because it will provide flexibility for work and personal recreational desires.

All citizens of Hillsborough and the Central Florida corridor will benefit from the options that this commuter system will offer.



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