This is a list of the newspaper articles and editorials from the Tampa Tribune in 2007.

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Editorals: Bayside West Articles:
  • Bank Project Set For Gandy, 'Dockiminiums' Coming To Rattlesnake Point
  • FDOT To Explain Gandy Proposal
  • FDOT Set To Outline Gandy Project's History
  • Manhattan Avenue Job Will Shift To East Side
  • 'A Flash Of Green' In Hillsborough
  • Gandy Draft Shows Better Roads Needed
  • 'A Community Of Our Own'
  • Tree Regulation Is Shaky Matter
  • Plan Has Tampa, St. Pete Serving As Transit Hub
  • Transit Proposal Presented
  • Rights Of Way Prompt Talks
  • work on this
  • Plans For Bayfront Land Include Houses And Condos
  • Residents Oppose Canal Plan
  • Marina Project Outlined
  • Wal-Mart Details Plan For Residents
  • Wal-Mart Finds Space On Gandy Boulevard
  • Wal-Mart Buys 2 Properties On Gandy
  • Wal-Mart To Start Going Up In March
  • Mobility:
  • TBARTA picks leader October 2007
  • TBARTA First meeting August 2007
  • Don't Make Promises You Can't Keep
  • Airport Will Be Ready For Mass Transit
  • Do Cost-Benefits Of Each System
  • We Can't Afford To Just Build More Roads
  • Tracks Offer Ready-Made Corridors
  • Do Cost-Benefits Of Each System
  • Columns:
  • Why Voters Love Rail Transit In Cities Much Like Tampa
  • The Community Is Now Ready
  • Getting Rail On The Tracks
  • Don't Underestimate The Costs Of Rail
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